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Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal Kolkata Derby Durand Cup 2023: Live Update, Score, Result, Streaming Details

Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal Kolkata Derby Durand Cup 2023 Live Score, Result, Live Streaming, TV Channel
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Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal Kolkata Derby Durand Cup 2023: Nandha Kumar Sekar's goal bring joy for East Bengal

Mohun Bagan 0-1 East Bengal || Full-Time

Thank you to everyone for tuning for this match between the two biggest football clubs in country and one of the biggest football rivalry in the world, the Kolkata Derby between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal. Keep following Indian Football News for all the latest updates from the Indian football.

When will the next Kolkata Derby be played?

Well for all those fans who have just started following the Indian football, don't worry, you will once again get to see East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan in the Kolkata Derby at minimum twice this season in the Indian Super League (ISL) once in November or December and once again in February or March.

East Bengal fans celebrate with the players

After a terrific win for the East Bengal FC against their arch-rival Mohun Bagan, the red and gold fans of the club hit the ground while celebrating. The fans were seen running around and hugging the players. Watch the vide below thanks to XtraTime Bangla.

East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan Durand Cup 2023 Highlights

It's a night that every East Bengal fans will be cheering as their team finally got the better of their neighbours Mohun Bagan in an all important Kolkata Derby in the Durand Cup 2023. For those of you who missed the match, follow the link to watch the East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan Durand Cup 2023 Kolkata Derby Highlights.

Durand Cup 2023 Points Table Updated

The updated Durand Cup 2023 Group Table for Group A looks quite interesting with both Kolkata clubs still have the opportunity to finish top of the table. Mohun Bagan have played all their 3 matches and they have 6 points from 2 wins. At 2nd place is East Bengal, who have 4 points in 2 matches after winning the Kolkata Derby and earlier drawing the match against Bangladesh Army Football Team.

Bangladesh Army meanwhile is in 3rd place currently with 2 draws against East Bengal and Punjab FC and defeat against Mohun Bagan. Punjab FC is 4th with just 1 point in 2 matches. They lost the match against Mohun Bagan and then draw against Bangladesh Army. They next take on East Bengal on both of their last group match on the 16th of August. A win for East Bengal will mean they will finish top of points table while a draw or defeat would mean Mohun Bagan will finish as group topper. Only the group toppers from all groups will progress to the next round while 2 best runners-up teams will also join them in the next round.

East Bengal Vs Mohun Bagan Head To Head Updated

While it is quite complicated to get the exact number of head-to-head battle between the two Kolkata giants, but in the last 9 Kolkata Derby matches, Mohun Bagan have won 8 while East Bengal's 1 win came tonight.

Mohun Bagan Vs East Bengal Score Today

Once again the remainder of the scoreline today, East Bengal beat Mohun Bagan 1-0 in the exciting Kolkata Derby with East Bengal's winger Nandha Kumar Sekar the only goal scorer of the match off a counter-attack.

6:59 PM IST: With that result, the top spot of the group is now pretty much wide open for both the Kolkata clubs with Mohun Bagan still leading with 6 points from 3 matches while East Bengal now have 4 points from 2 matches and they play Punjab FC, who are already out with 1 point from their 2 matches, that will be on the 16th of August as well from 6 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

6:54 PM IST: As for Mohun Bagan fans, after 8 straight moments of the Derby win, they will have see their rival fans celebrate long into the night having earned the bragging rights. Meanwhile, coach Juan Ferrando has a lot to do. Number of players didn't look good enough or sharp enough and their shooting rather really terrible and need to be worked on. Despite having the possession and getting number of chances, they would be disappointed with the number of shots on target. A lot to work on for the Green and Maroon coach ahead of AFC Cup preliminary match against Machhindra FC on 16th August.

6:52 PM IST: After a much delay, East Bengal fans now finally have a reason to smile and boy they deserve that. With 8-0 down in the recent Derbies, this win will be a sweet moment for them and they have a coach, Carles Cuadrat, whom they will be hoping that he will take East Bengal to their first ever Indian Super League (ISL) Playoffs or even the Trophy.

6:50 PM IST: This was a match that was equally poised with both the teams having had a number of good chances. Nandha Kumar Sekar took that opportunity with both his hands while Mohun Bagan struggled to keep shots on target.

6:48 PM IST: There we go, East Bengal finally wins the Kolkata Derby, Carles Cuadrat finally brings joy to East Bengal fans. Nandha Kumar Sekar's stunning goal on counter helped East Bengal win the Derby. This wasn't an easy task in hand for the Red and Gold brigade as they had lost 8 back-to-back matches before this one and to finally win this one, will surely help boost the morale of the team ahead of the new season.

90+6' Hamill takes a shot from a long way but it's off target and the referee blows the whistle, East Bengal have finally one the Kolkata Derby after losing 9 straight. 

90+5' Corner kick for Mohun Bagan. Anwar Ali takes the header and it's off target again from Mohun Bagan, that is almost a win for East Bengal now.

90+4' It's pouring heavy here. 

90+1' This isn't looking good for Mohun Bagan, they have been absolutely struggling to find the back of net, blasting their shots over the bar in the chances they got. 

90' It has started raining here and we see 6 minutes have been added on. 

89' Asish Rai finds Cummings with a brilliant ball, but he fails to control it. 

88' All throughout the day Mohun Bagan have found it difficult to break past the East Bengal defence.

87' Mohun Bagan players look frustrated. 

85' East Bengal with constant pressure on Mohun Bagan defence. Juan Ferrando is worried. Meanwhile Rakip is coming in for Nandha Kumar while Mobashir comes on for Naorem Mahesh Singh. 

83' Nandha Kumar Sekar with a brilliant through ball for Suhair, but Subhashis Bose was up for it. 

82' Mohun Bagan really struggling to keep their shots on target, we can see Ashique Kuruniyan is in. 

81' Cummings with a brilliant chance, but again the ball is over the bar. Thapa tries to chip it over the East Bengal defence and the ball lands to Cummings off a deflection from one of East Bengal player. 

79' Brilliant free kick from Dimitri Petratos but seems like Subhashis Bose was offside. 

75' Drinks Break!!!

75' Double changes for East Bengal, Suhair and Vanlalpeka Guite are coming on.

74' Petratos' corner is cleared by East Bengal defender, Glan Martins then takes a rocket shot but again it's deflected off the wall. 

73' Asish Rai with a brilliant pass for Dimitri Petratos, who cuts it for Jason Cummings, but he has no room to shoot though. 

72' Borja Herrera is down on the ground and the strecher is called on, but Herrera is up on his feet. 

69' Cummings with a left-footed shot with a brilliant cross from Sahal, but Cummings' shot is deflected and out for corner kick. 

68' Mohun Bagan still struggling to make a effective chance as we see Sahal Abdul Samad coming in for Manvir Singh. 

66' Mohun Bagan with a number of attacks, but no shot on goal. 

64' And we are seeing a change for East Bengal, Edwin Sydney Vanspaul coming in for Souvik Chakraborty. 

63' East Bengal on the attack again, Siverio takes a shot way outside the box, but it was a gather for Vishal Kaith. 

61' Mohun Bagan trailing here now. 

60' Goalllllll!!!! Nandha Kumar Sekar with a brilliant left footed shot and that puts East Bengal on lead. Manvir Singh tried to cut a pass through the defence, but he was intercepted and Nandha was released on a counter attack and Nandha with a curling stunner to give East Bengal the lead.

58' Manvir with a brilliant cross for Petratos to head it in. He was absolutely free but the ball is over the bar

57' Borja with a brilliant cross but Anwar Ali with a brilliant interception. Tough to beat so far. 

57' We see two changes for Mohun Bagan, Jason Cummings and Petratos are in and Armando Sadiku and Hugo Boumous are out. 

56' Ohhh!!! Anwar Ali could have scored a stunner there, takes a huge ball seeing the keeper off the line and barely it would have gone in. 

54' Liston Colaco with a optimistic drive from outside the box, but the ball hits a East Bengal player and it's throw in for Mohun Bagan. Meanwhile Petratos seems ready to come on.

53' Number of Mohun Bagan players are warming up, including Petratos and Cummings. 

51' Souvik Chakraborty with a challenge on Manvir Singh and he is shown a yellow card for that. Manvir is down on the ground. 

49' Once again Anwar Ali showing why he is India's one of the promising defender, a perfectly timed challenge from him in Naorem Mahesh. And we see Carles Cuadrat has been booked for raising too much voice on referee's decision. 

48' Attack from East Bengal and we see Mahesh Singh has been dropped on the box who asks for a penalty, but nothing from the referee and Anwar Ali clears the ball.

47' Early attacks from Mohun Bagan.

46' The players are on the ground again and we see Jason Cummings preparing, but not coming on yet.

That's Half-Time and both the teams head back inside the tunnel with the scoreline still 0-0. It's been a brilliant match so far with both the teams having had equal share of chances, but none have capitalised on that. Stick with us, we will be back soon for the 2nd half of the game.

45+4' Last minute attack from Mohun Bagan, but in the end Glan Martins fires over the crossbar. 

45+2' The free kick from Hugo Boumous is too close to East Bengal keeper Prabhsukhan Singh Gill, who gathers the ball, but is down on the ground as physio's check him. He looks fine.

45+1' Khabra with a clumsy challenge on Colaco, and the referee gives Khabr a yellow card.

45' Nandha with a low cross but easy to claim for Vishal Kaith, meanwhile 4 minutes have been added on.

44' Four players behind the ball for a free-kick, another training ground routine from East Bengal but the ball is too deep. East Bengal coach Carles Cuadrat not looking happy.

42' Colaco and Boumous combines down the left side and Boumous with a cross looking to find Manvir, but the ball is incepted. 

40' Nothing interesting in these couple of gap though, but as we say, Mohun Bagan on the attack with Boumous with the ball possession, but Saul Crespo intercepts a pass. But they get back on attack but this time the ball goes out of play. 

37' Borja with a floating ball inside the box for any East Bengal player to head it in, but Vishal Kaith comes out and punches the ball, meanwhile Asish Rai got hurt in the process. He is up and looks ok.

35' We see Naorem Mahesh Singh is down looking hurt, the physios attend him. 

34' Manvir Singh suddenly finds himself inside the box with a brilliant floating ball from Asish Rai and takes a shot that is way above the goal post. 

33' Boumous with a corner, but no one gets behind the ball and East Bengal tries to attack with a counter attack but Khabra loses the ball.

30' Drinks Break! 

29' Manvir Singh with a cross from the down the right side after receiving a brilliant ball, but Elsey clears the ball before Sadiku could reach it. 

28' Lovely dummy from Sadiku and then Subhashis Bose with a curling ball, but it doesn't find Sadiku who was rushing back inside the box.

25' A match that has seen no domination from one side, both East Bengal and Mohun Bagan have had equal share of chances. 

24' Liston Colaco dribbles past couple of East Bengal players and squares it to Sadiku, but his shot is intercepted by a red and gold player. 

23' East Bengal with brilliant link-up play between Nadha Kumar and Siverio, but the latter's pass was heavy and Vishal comes off the line to gather the ball. 

21' Liston Colaco with a brilliant turn and Hugo Boumous tries to take a shot from about 20 yards out, but the ball is just off target. 

20' A throw in is incepted by a Mohun Bagan player, the ball lands to Sadiku, who ties to make room and tries to shoot, but it is deflected to Hugo, who is offside. 

19' East Bengal with better attacks right now compare to Mohun Bagan. 

18' East Bengal with a number of chances, but they fail to convert a single. Mahesh and Siverio both fails to find the back of the net, it is a corner kick instead, but carried by Kaith.

16' Armando Sadiku is somehow in behind the defence and look to control the ball, but the referee calls for a offside. 

15' Long free kick from Borja who finds Elsey in the box, but Vishal Kaith comes out to clear the ball, but the referee calls for a foul, seems like a foul on Kaith. 

14' East Bengal with more ball possession and Anirudh Thapa tries to win the ball from Javi Siverio, but the referee calls for a foul. 

12' Mahesh trying to attack from the left side but Anwar Ali there to incept and stop the attack.

11' A training ground routine free with number of players behind the ball, Jordan Elsey receive the ball on the far post, but the header was weak and no issue for Vishal Kaith. 

10' Well, East Bengal is launching more attacks at the moment than Mohun Bagan, but they are not getting into the Mohun Bagan box though. 

9' A great change of side ball from Mahesh Singh to Nandha, but Mohun Bagan captain Subhashish is strong and gives no room to Nandha. 

8' Crowd buzzing with Mohun Bagan chants. East Bengal with the attack from the left side, but cleared away by Mohun Bagan defender Anwar Ali. 

7' Mohun Bagan building from the back again and East Bengal now trying to press, but not with much effort though.

6' Ball comes in from the right wing but cleared away, now Liston Colaco trying to get in front the left side, once again no entry for the left-winger.

5' Mohun Bagan trying to attack from the right side. East Bengal trying to go on counter attacking, preferring to sit back right now.

2' Play on Mohun Bagan end right now, Mohun Bagan building from the back. And Armando Sadiku with a brilliant effort off a pass from Hugo Boumous and that's a half a chance, that's a corner, which is cleared away by defenders and East Bengal's counter attack fails.

1' Kick-Off!! we are rolling the ball in the first ever Kolkata Derby of the Indian Football 2023-2024 season.

We see Vicky Kaushal among the dignitaries as well meeting with the players.

The dignitaries are getting onto the field to meet with the players of both the sides while the stadium is buzzing with noise from the clubs' fans.

Hello and welcome to the biggest football rivalry in India and Asia and one of the biggest football rivalry in the world, it's Kolkata Derby, it's Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal.

Right, we are almost ready, the fans are ready into the stadium, which starting to fill. Remember, not the full capacity of stadium will filled as tickets were limited for the match. Stay with us for the all the minute by minute live coverage.

Bit of a update from the first match of the day though between FC Goa and NorthEast United, the match in Guwahati ends in 2-2 draw, with both teams sharing the point.

Once again for those of you who aren't able to go to the stadium to watch the match, you can watch the match live on Sony Sports 2 or Sony LIV app. This website will also be covering the match, so bookmark the page and keep refreshing for latest updates.

East Bengal FC Starting XI

Right, we have the starting eleven from the Red and Gold side as well. After drawing their first match, East Bengal have gone with Javi Siverio, Borja Herrera, Saul Crespo and Jordan Elsey as their four foreigners in the starting XI. Khabra with the captain's armband while Mandar Rao Dessai is in for Nishu Kumar, who misses out due to red card in the previous match. Some youngsters on the bench for the Red and Gold side.

Mohun Bagan Super Giant Starting XI

Well, here we go, with just less than an hour remaining now, Mohun Bagan Super Giant have revealed its starting eleven for the big clash against East Bengal. Some of the notable changes we can see in the Starting XI is that Anirudh Thapa is making his debut while Albanian Armando Sadiku will start ahead of Jason Cummings, who is on the bench today. Sahal Abdul Samad also starts from the bench for the his debut for the club. Have a look at it below.

Timing of Kolkata Derby 2023 East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan

The Kolkata Derby between the two bitter rivals will be played on the 12th of August from 4:45 PM Indian Standard Time (IST) at the Vivekananda Yuva Bharati Krirangan (VYBK).

Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal Kolkata Derby 2023 Live TV channel and Live Streaming

The Kolkata Derby will forever be the biggest match in the Indian football history with crores of people wanting to go to the stadium to watch the match. However, due to the limitation of the stadium capacity as well as tickets released, many fans have to tune in to their T.V screen or mobile phone, laptop or handled devices for live streaming of the match. The Kolkata Derby in Durand Cup 2023 will be live telecast on Sony Sports Network's Sony Sports 2 TV channel. While for those who aren't able to tune infront of their Television screen, the live streaming of the Kolkata Derby will be live streamed in Sony LIV app.

Kolkata Derby 2023

It is that day again, the battle for ultimate supremacy between the two bitter rivals of the City of Joy, it is the Kolkata Derby day between arch-rivals Mohun Bagan Super Giant and East Bengal FC in Durand Cup 2023.

While the Indian football is gaining a huge popularity recently thanks to the Indian football team's success in the recently concluded Intercontinental Cup and SAFF Championship 2023, the historic Kolkata Derby needs no introduction.

The Kolkata Derby is not just a battle between the two clubs from the City, Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, but it is more than that, it is a battle between the fans, between the club officials, it holds an utmost importance and it is no doubt the biggest fixture in the whole of Indian football season.

The Kolkata Derby is recently being dominated by the Mohun Bagan Super Giant while East Bengal FC had been struggling to even build a good team, losing 8 matches in a row. However, this season, it is expected to be an even tougher match between the two sides with East Bengal having built a considerably strong team where as Mohun Bagan have further strengthen the team.

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