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India vs Kuwait SAFF Championship 2023 Final, Live Score, Result, Highlights

Kuwait vs India SAFF Championship Cup 2023 Final Live Score Result Highlights

India wins SAFF Championship 2023 on Penalty Shootout

Well thank you very much to everyone for tuning into the live coverage of the SAFF Championship 2023 Final between India and Kuwait at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium. Keep checking this website for all the latest Indian football news. Ciao!!!

22:58 IST: Team India also receives a cash prize of 50,000 US Dollar as Prize Money for winning the SAFF Championship 2023.

22:56 IST: And now the Indian football team players receives their winners medals.

22:55 IST: Kuwait also receives 25,000 US Dollar cheque.

22:51 IST: Now all the Kuwait football team players receive their runners-up medals.

22:50 IST: The Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament award goes to Sunil Chhetri.

22:49 IST: India captain Sunil Chhetri wins the highest goal scorer of the tournament.

22:48 IST: Anisur Rahman Zico from Bangladesh wins the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

22:47 IST: Nepal wins the fairplay award.

22:45 IST: The referees and the match commissioners get their medal.

22:44 IST: Time now for the prize giving ceremony.

22:31 IST: Slogans of Vande Mataram by the Indian fans as India captain Sunil Chhetri takes it all in. A moment to cherish for all the Indian football fans.

22:30 IST: Also credits to the Kuwait football team. They were invited into the competition as a guest entrant alongwith Lebanon and they put up brilliant fight for the trophy that will only help the Indian team grow in their game.

22:28 IST: Scenes of delight in the Indian camp. The players are lifting and jumping the coaches of the including Igor Stimac and today's man in charge Mahesh Gawli.

22:25 IST: India Champions Again!!!!! Gurpreet Singh Sandhu denies Kuwait captain in the 6th attempt as India win 5-4 on penalty shootout. Gurpreet saved Lebanon captain's penalty in the semi-final, and now does the same in the final as he steps up against Kuwait captain. This is India's 9th SAFF Championship. The Indian captain Sunil Chhetri is taking a round of the ground as he may have probably played his last SAFF Championship match. Meanwhile Team India enjoying viking claps with fans.

6th Attempt: Saved by Gurpreet, India 5-4 Kuwait 

6th Attempt: Mahesh Singh on target now, India 5-4 Kuwait 

5th Attempt: Kuwait scores, India 4-4 Kuwait

5th Attempt: Subhashis Bose scores, India 4-3 

4th Attempt: Kuwait scores, India 3-3 Kuwait

4th Attempt: Udanta sends it over the bar, India 3-2 Kuwait

3rd Attempt: Kuwait scores, India 3-2 Kuwait

3rd Attempt: Sweet kick from Lallianzuala Chhangte India 3-1 Kuwait 

2nd Attempt: Kuwait scores India 2-1 Kuwait 

2nd Attempt: Jhingan on target!! India 2-0

1st Attempt: Misses!!! India 1-0

1st Attempt: Chhetri scores India 1-0

India to take the first kick 

That's It!!! So it ends 1-1 and we are once again going to the penalty shootout here at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium. 

120+2' Final attack from Kuwait, but seems it all over. Penalty shootout is imminent.

120' Yellow Card!!! Yellow card is shown the Kuwait keeper for time wasting and also 2 minutes have been added on. 

119' That was the chance to seal it. Chhangte hits over the bar. Brilliant ball from Udanta Singh, Chhangte just needed to keep it in the frame. 

117' Time is ticking away and about 3 minutes left, are we heading for another penalty shootout. 

115' Yellow Card!!! Is that another Kuwait to be booked, yes, another player gets the yellow card.

112' Forced change for Team India as Akash Mishra is taken off and Subhashis Bose comes in.

105' That's the end of 1st half in Extra-time.
98' A Kuwait player is down on the ground and he is being strechered away and gonna be subbed off.

94' Kuwait with the first couple of attacks in the extra-time, but they have failed to find the net.

91' Right! We kick-off the extra time and Kuwait makes a quick substitution.

Right, this has been a Final match that is fully worth it. The fans in the stadium absolutely loving it. It was Kuwait scored the first goal in the first 15 minutes, but Lallianzuala Chhangte equalised for the Indian team before the 1st half ended. Team India were the better team in the 2nd half, but unable to find the back of the net. Kuwait did do well towards the 90 minutes mark, but Team India had the opportunity to seal the match with those last 2 opportunities that the Blue Tigers got. Extra-time now incoming, don't move.

Full-Time: And the referee blows the whistle, we are going to the extra-time as the regulation of 90 minutes ends with both teams on 1 goal each. 

90+4' Team India with 2 brilliant moves. First a long a ball from Jhingan to Mahesh who finds Rohit Kumar, but no one to meet the low cross. Then an attack from the left-side with Udanta Singh, but it all ends without India finding the back of the net.

90+2' Ohh it's close and a brilliant save by Gurpreet. Shot by a Kuwait player from the edge of the box, its low, and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is upto it. Saves India.

90' 5 Minutes have been added on. 

90' Sahal Abdul Samad's stint ends here today as he is replaced by Udanta Singh. 

89' Free kick right outside the Indian box. Foul by Mehtab Singh, and it's not that far. And the free kick is off the wall and it's a corner kick for Kuwait. It's a foul on corner.

87' Kuwait is now making 2 more changes, are they looking to win it in the regulation time? Only time will tell. 

85' Kuwait almost break into the Indian box, but Mehtab Singh was at the right position at the right time, who clears it for the throw in.

83' Both the teams are having a shot at each other as they look to end the deadlock.

73' Yellow Card!!! Heated moment, a Kuwaiti player was adamant on Rohit Kumar, who after the foul was called by referee, pushed the Kuwait player. Rohit gets into the referee book after just coming into the match.

72' Double change for the Indian team now, Thapa is out and Naorem Mahesh Singh coming on, Rohit Kumar coming in for Ashique Kuruniyan.

69' Substitution from Kuwait, number 16 out and number 11 in.

66' Yellow Card!!! Terrible terrible foul on India captain Sunil Chhetri and another Kuwait player gets a yellow card. And that's now 5 Kuwait players on yellow card this match.

65' Yellow Card!!! Now Ashique Kuruniyan with a foul and he gets a yellow card as well.

62' Poor clearance from the Kuwait keeper and Ashique Kuruniyan and Chhetri unleases Chhangte again, but this time the left-winger with a feeble effort. 

60' Yellow Card!!! The Kuwait player gets a yellow card as he takes down Anirudh Thapa and stops the midfielder from clearing past the defence and run into a empty space upfront of him. Free kick for India.

56' Akash Mishra with the run on the left side, racing with the Kuwait player, but the referee calls for a foul against Mishra and Indian fans once again sing Vande Mataram.

51' Throw in for Kuwait. But what have they done here, it's straight to Chhetri's foot but the assistant referee calls offside. Chhetri not happy at all.

48' Both the teams trying to pick-up the intensity again.

46' Kick-Off!!!! Right! we are back again, the 2nd half begins. All to play for. 

Half-Time: Kuwait with an attack, but it is cleared away by Thapa and the referee blows the whistle for the half-time. It is 1-1 and the game is all open for both the teams, tune in for the 2nd in about 15 minutes times.

45' Yellow Card!! Well well well!!! It is raining yellow cards here. Yellow card to a Kuwait defender for a harsh challenge on Ashique Kuruniyan. Another player comes to argue about the decision and he gets a yellow card as well. But wait, a third yellow now, and it's one of the staff member of the Kuwait team.

45' 4 minutes have been added on. 

44' Free kick from Kuwait, but it has been cleared away by Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, but it is looped backed into the box again, but this time captain Sunil Chhetri with the clearance. 

41' Yellow Card!! a Kuwait defender has been booked.

38' Goalllll!!! India finds the back of the net and it's Lallianzuala Chhangte. Sunil Chhetri with the through ball for Sahal who crosses it and finger tips from goalkeeper take it away from Kuwait defender but incoming Chhangte taps it in. It's 1-1 Game one.

'36 Team India trying their best to break into the Kuwait box, but there is no space for the Indian players.

33' Kuwait with the attack from India's right side. Cross by the Kuwait attacker and the clearance is not good by Akash Mishra as it lands to another Kuwait player in the box, who tries to whips it again, but cleared by Jhingan. Anwar Ali is getting medical assistance. Strecher has been called in and Anwar Ali being strechered off and he is out of the match, Mehtab Singh coming on.

28' Yellow Card!! Free kick is taken and it's Sandesh Jhingan who looks to reach the ball. But it is called foul and ohh wait, Jhingan has been shown a yellow card.

26' Now a tackle on Sahal Abdul Samad, and it's again just a foul and no card from the referee. However, the Kuwait looks injured and he is being strechered out. Ohh, he is being subbed off.

24' Solid tackle on Ashique Kuruniyan and it's a free for India, but no card for the Kuwait defender. Kuruniyan not happy with that.

'20 Sahal Abdul Samad with a brilliant through ball for Chhangte, who whips it in but Sunil Chhetri couldn't connect it and cleared away by Kuwait.

'16 Sunil Chhetri takes a brilliant shot from right outside the Kuwait box but the keeper saves it and fumbles it. Chhangte for it, but cleared away for corner kick by Kuwait defenders. Nothing much from the corner though as India still trails.

15' Goallllll!! India tries to attack from the right side, but it's cleared by Kuwait defender for a throw in, which is cleared again and Kuwait converts it into a counter-attack and keep their head cool and calm as Kuwait takes the lead.

10' An attempt from the outside of the box from Kuwait, but it deflects of the Indian right-back Nikhil Poojary and goes over the bar, corner for Kuwait, but Gurpreet Singh Sandhu with the clearance.

7' Corner for India. Anirudh Thapa who takes it. An inswinger is cleared by Kuwait keeper and it's a counter-attack for Kuwait, but it's offside though.

4' Akash Mishra with a beautiful cross and it's India captain Sunil Chhetri with the header, but no power on it, easy grab for Keeper. 

1' Kick-Off!!! And we are underway at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru for the SAFF Championship 2023 final.

7:20 PM: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the SAFF Championship 2023 Grand Final between the Indian football team and the Kuwait football team to be played from 7:30 PM in Bengaluru's Sree Kanteerava Stadium. The atmosphere is buzzing around the stadium as both the teams get ready for the kick-off in about 10 minutes time. Bookmark this page and keep refreshing for the all the latest updates from the match.

Indian football team Playing XI

The Indian football team starting XI for the big SAFF Championship 2023 Final is officially out.

Vande Mataram

The fans are feeling it. The final pressure is not keeping the fans away from letting their heart out, Vande Mataram!!!!

Team India in the house

The fans give a grand welcome to the Indian team bus entering the stadium, we are just minutes away now.

Indian football team squad SAFF Championship 2023

Goalkeepers: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Amrinder Singh and Gurmeet Singh.

Defenders: Subhasish Bose, Pritam Kotal, Sandesh Jhingan, Anwar Ali, Nikhil Poojary, Akash Mishra, Mehtab Singh and Rahul Bheke.

Midfielders: Liston Colaco, Ashique Kuruniyan, Rohit Kumar, Udanta Singh, Anirudh Thapa, Naorem Mahesh Singh, Jeakson Singh, Sahal Abdul Samad, Lalengmawia Ralte, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Rowllin Borges and Nandha Kumar.

Forwards: Sunil Chhetri, Rahim Ali

Where and how to watch SAFF Championship 2023 Final Live Streaming?

The SAFF Championship 2023 Final is set to be one of the most crucial matches in the Indian football team's head-up to the Asian Cup 2023. As such, there is much demand about the match and the tickets were sold out 2 days prior to the match. So many people are finding ways to watch the Final Live Streaming. The SAFF Championship 2023 Final will be live streaming on Fancode app and website. Users will have to pay a small 15RS for the pass to watch the match. Other than that, you can also enjoy the match live on DD Sports channel in your T.V screen.

And that's how Kuwait team gets welcomed by Indian fans

The Indian football team fans have given a resounding welcome to today's final's guest team and Team India's opposition Kuwait football team. Watch the video below.

Indian football coach Igor Stimac suspended

The Indian football team head coach Igor Stimac remains suspended for the SAFF Championship 2023 Final as well. This is following the coach received a red card in the 3rd match of the group stage against Kuwait itself. That was his 2nd red card in the competition, which is why he was suspended by the SAFF for 2 matches. Stimac already missed the semi-final vs Lebanon, and the final will be the 2nd match of the suspension. In his absence, former India footballer and assistant coach Mahesh Gawli will lead the team in the final vs Kuwait football team.

SAFF Championship winners list

The SAFF Championship, which is mostly played between all the members of the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF), has been won a total of 8 times by the Indian football team while Maldives have won it twice. Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have also won the competition once.

1993: India
1995: Sri Lanka
1997: India
1999: India
2003: Bangladesh
2005: India
2008: Maldives
2009: India
2011: India
2013: Afghanistan
2015: India
2018: Maldives
2021: India

Indian football team FIFA Ranking

The Indian football team most recently broke into the top 100 in the FIFA Ranking and is currently 100th in the FIFA Ranking surpassing Lebanon after the Blue Tigers' brilliant performance in the Hero Intercontinental Cup in June.

Kuwait FIFA Ranking

Kuwait football team is one of the most strongest opposition for the Indian. The team is currently ranked 141st in the FIFA Ranking due to the team was recently banned by FIFA. The team very well possesses qualities of a team who should ranked around 70 to 80 in the FIFA Ranking.

Kuwait vs India tickets

The SAFF Cup 2023 Final between India and Kuwait is expected to be a spectacle and the tickets for the match was sold out about 2 days prior to the match and a full house for the big match is expected at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru.


The D-Day is here as the Indian football team is set to take the field tonight in a bid to retain the SAFF Championship against Kuwait football team in the SAFF Cup 2023 Final to be played in Bengaluru tonight with the kick-off scheduled at 7:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

The Indian football team, led by captain, leader, legend Sunil Chhetri, had to overcome a tough fight from the Lebanon football team in the semi-final match of the SAFF Championship 2023, where the Blue Tigers won the match 4-2 on penalty shootout.

Team India's opponent for tonight is none other than the Kuwait football team, who managed to beat Bangladesh in the extra-time to book a slot into the final of the SAFF Championship 2023.

The last time these two teams faced, it was in the SAFF Championship 2023 itself in both the teams' last match of Group A fixture. While Team India led majority of the match, an injury time own goal from Indian defender Anwar Ali meant that the match ended with both team getting a point each.

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