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Durand Cup 2023 Final: List of Durand Cup Winners

List of Durand Cup winners Durand Cup 2023

Mohun Bagan Super Giant edged past their biggest rival Emami East Bengal FC in the Final of the Durand Cup 2023, now becoming the most successful club in the history of the competition, becoming the 17th time Durand Cup winner.

Durand Cup 2023 Final: List of Durand Cup Winners

It was a tense Durand Cup 2023 Final between the two city rivals Mohun Bagan and East Bengal that only separated both the teams by a fantastic goal from last season's star of the team, Dimitri Petratos.

It was a counter-attack for Mohun Bagan off an East Bengal corner kick. Dimitri Petratos with the ball ran towards the East Bengal goal without any challenge and then take a brilliant left-footed shot that East Bengal keeper Prabhsukhan Gill had chance to save.

The first half of the match was a 50-50 battle between both the teams but it was Mohun Bagan Super Giant's Dimitri Petratos who got close to scoring a goal when he took a shot from the right side of the box looking for top left corner, but the ball eventually went over the bar.

Despite that, the match was a back and forth affair with East Bengal getting on the attack lot more than Mohun Bagan. Towards the end of the first half, four yellow cards were shown to Mohun Bagan and East Bengal players, 2 each.

Saul Crespo got a yellow for foul on Armando Sadiku, while Hugo Boumous got a card for getting himself involved in the incident. Borja Herrera then got a card for arguing with the referee. A few seconds later, Anirudh Thapa also got a yellow card for a foul on Javi Siverio. The first half ended with both the teams heading to the tunnel no goals scored.

The 2nd half was much about East Bengal putting pressure on Mohun Bagan Super Giant. As a result, Mohun Bagan's midfielder Anirudh Thapa got a second yellow card in the 2nd half and was given marching order at the 62nd minute of the match, but ten minutes later, Petratos' goal gave Mohun Bagan Super Giant the lead.

It was then all about defending for Mohun Bagan, much was helped by East Bengal itself, who played poorly despite having a man advantage. With that win though, Mohun Bagan Super Giant have now become the 17th time champion in the Durand Cup history, the most successful team in the tournament. In this article, let us take a look at all the Durand Cup winners.

In the year 2001, it was Mahindra United who were crowned champions of the Durand Cup that year when they beat Churchill Brothers FC. Next year, East Bengal beat Indian Army XI by 3-0 to win the Durand Cup in 2002.

East Bengal made it to the final again, but this time they suffered a defeat against Salgaocar. But the Red and Gold brigade bounced back brilliantly to win the Durand Cup 2004, that was the last time when a Durand Cup final was played between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, which the former won 2-1.

In 2005, it was Indian Army XI who won the tournament after beating Sporting Goa. Dempo SC, Mahindra United, Churchill Brothers FC. Churchill won twice in 2007 and 2009 and lost in the final in the year 2008. It was United SC from West Bengal who won the Durand Cup in 2010.

Churchill Brothers FC opened the 20th century with the Durand Cup 2011 beating Prayag United. Air India won the cup in 2012 then another Kolkata side Mohammedan Sporting Club won the Durand Cup in 2013.

The 2014 Durand Cup went to the Salgaocar FC while the tournament was not held in 2015. The 2016 edition of the tournament was won Army Green. Then the tournament was missing from the Indian football calendar once again in 2017, 2018 and the 2019 edition was won by Gokulam Kerala beating Mohun Bagan in the final.

FC Goa became the first to win the Durand Cup while playing in the Indian Super League. They won the Trophy in 2021 while Bengaluru FC won the title in 2022. Mohun Bagan Super Giant with their win in 2023, have now become the most successful club in the history of the Durand Cup.

List of Durand Cup winners (Post-Independence)

1950 - Hyderabad City Police
1951 - East Bengal
1952 - East Bengal
1953 - Mohun Bagan
1954 - Hyderabad City Police
1955 - Madras Regimental Centre
1956 - East Bengal
1957 - Hyderabad City Police
1958 - Madras Regimental Centre
1959 - Mohun Bagan
1960 - Mohun Bagan and East Bengal (joint winners)
1961 - Andhra Pradesh Police
1963 - Mohun Bagan
1964 - Mohun Bagan
1965 - Mohun Bagan
1966 - Gorkha Brigade
1967 - East Bengal
1968 - Border Security Force
1969 - Gorkha Brigade
1970 - East Bengal
1971 - Border Security Force
1972 - East Bengal
1973 - Border Security Force
1974 - Mohun Bagan
1975 - Border Security Force
1976 - Border Security Force and JCT (joint winners)
1977 - Mohun Bagan
1978 - East Bengal
1979 - Mohun Bagan
1980 - Mohun Bagan
1981 - Border Security Force
1982 - Mohun Bagan and East Bengal (joint winners)
1983 - JCT
1984 - Mohun Bagan
1985 - Mohun Bagan
1986 - Mohun Bagan
1987 - JCT
1988 - Border Security Force
1989  - East Bengal
1990 - East Bengal
1991 - East Bengal
1992 - JCT
1993 - East Bengal
1994 - Mohun Bagan
1995 - East Bengal
1996 - JCT
1997 - Kochin
1998 - Mahindra & Mahindra
1999 - Salgaocar
2000 - Mohun Bagan
2001 - Mahindra United
2002 - East Bengal
2003 - Salgaocar
2004 - East Bengal
2005 - Army XI
2006 - Dempo
2007 - Churchill Brothers
2008 - Mahindra United
2009 - Churchill Brothers
2010 - United SC
2011 - Churchill Brothers
2012 - Air India
2013 - Mohammedan
2014 - Salgaocar
2016 - Army Green
2019 - Gokulam Kerala
2021 - FC Goa
2022 - Bengaluru
2023 - Mohun Bagan Super Giant

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