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Mohun Bagan merchandise sold out, message to ATK Mohun Bagan

Mohun Bagan merchandise sold out, message to ATK Mohun Bagan

With all the tussle going on between fans of the India's oldest club Mohun Bagan and the management of the club about the removal of the 'ATK' prefix, the Mohun Bagan Athletic Club launched a cricket merchandise of their club, which got sold out in just 8 hours.

It was in January 2020, when the Indian Super League club ATK and I-League club Mohun Bagan announced that the football section of the club and ATK will come together an form a club that would participate in the Indian Super League.

And in early June 2020, it was revealed that the club would be known as ATK Mohun Bagan and all the players who were in contract with ATK will be shifted to the club while Mohun Bagan's youngsters will also be included.

However, the decision hasn't gone well with the legacy club's fans who have suffered the most of this decision between both the clubs as the Mohun Bagan fans say that the respect that the club and fans deserve, they haven't got a single bit of that.

It all got worse when ATK Mohun Bagan took the field in a match with former club ATK's third kit which the fans didn't like as they were promised that the club ATK Mohun Bagan is a continuation of Mohun Bagan. And ever since then, the fan club of Mohun Bagan have taken initiative that as long as wishes are fulfilled they won't promote ATK Mohun Bagan and have also started an campaign in social media where their demand is that the 'ATK' prefix be removed from the club's name.

While fans' protest is still on, Mohun Bagan Athletic Club launched a merchandise of their cricket team. And in just 8 hours, all of the merchandise were sold out.

A Mohun Bagan fan told us, "This is a message to the club management, if they remove the 'ATK' prefix, they will get all the love of the Mohun Bagan fans, Thank You" he rounded off.

It is a clear message from the fans to the club management. Now it's upto the club management to decide what they want to do, will they accept the fans' demand or continue with what is going on.

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