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India vs Australia Head-to-Head: AFC Asian Cup 2023 Rival

India vs Australia Head-to-Head AFC Asian Cup 2023

Just less than a week now remaining for the Sunil Chhetri led Indian football team to take the centre-stage in the continent's biggest football event, the AFC Asian Cup 2023, as the Blue Tigers set to open their campaign with the biggest match of the group for them, vs Australia on the 13th of January.

India vs Australia is one of the most exciting fixture and clash between the two heavyweights when it comes to cricket. But, our Indian football team has not been anything easy on them either.

The history between the Indian football team and the Australian football team, also known as the Socceroos for the native Australian people, dates back to the 1930s. Both the teams first played a match against each other on the 3rd of September in the 1938 when Australia scored 5 goals to win the match, but the Indian football team was right on their tail, scoring 3 goals themselves.

But when it comes to recent history, both India and Australia have never faced in a competitive or non-competitive match in the last decade. From 1930s, while Australia have continued to develop their football, the Indian football, after a spell at the peak of the game, has lagged behind the Aussies.

As the football fans are once again set for a colossal clash between the Indian football team (the Blue Tigers) and the Australian football team (the Socceroos) in the AFC Asian Cup 2023, we take a look at the head-to-head between both India and Australia.

India vs Australia Head-to-Head Record

In the record books, both India and Australia have faced each other a total of 8 times where the Aussies have won 5 times while the Indian football team have won 2 times. 1 match between the two teams ended in a draw.

The most recent match that has been played between the both teams dates back to the year 2011 in the AFC Asian Cup itself, where the Australian team thrashed Team India 4-0.

The next back between both the teams then dates back a further 3 decades when Australia beat India 1-0 in the King's Cup.

We then go back a further 2 and half decade back to the year 1956 when the Indian football team beaten the Australian team for the second time only, that's when the Blue Tigers put 7 goals past the Aussies, which will forever remain as one of the most historic win for the Indian football team in its history.

The only other time that the Indian football team beaten the Australian football team dates back to 1938 as of the 5 match series between both the teams. On the 17th of September, the Indian football team scored a 4-1 victory over the Australian team, the only victory for India in that series. The remaining 4 matches of the series saw Australia win 3 in a highly competitive affair between the sides.

In the first match of the series, Australia won the match 5-3, the second match ended in a 4-4 draw, India won the third match 4-1 while the next two matches in 5-4 and 3-1 in Australia's favour.

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