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Kerala Blasters vs Gokulam Kerala Kerala Derby Durand Cup 2023: Live Update, Score, Result, Streaming Details

Kerala Blasters vs Gokulam Kerala Derby Live Updates, Score, Result, Streaming Durand Cup 2023
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Kerala Blasters vs Gokulam Kerala Kerala Derby Durand Cup 2023: Gokulam Kerala wins thriller first Kerala Derby

Kerala Blasters 3-4 Gokulam Kerala || Full-Time

That's that's the full time and Gokulam Kerala with a brilliant win. The first ever Kerala Derby goes Gokulam Kerala's way. 

90+9' Full-Time whistle. Gokulam Kerala wins 4-3 Kerala Blasters. 

90+9' More than added time, Gokulam Kerala's win it seems. 

90+7' Again Kerala Blasters with a attack but this time the goalkeeper gathers the ball and a Gokulam player is down. 

90+5' Another attack from Blasters, but not effective enough yet. 

90+4' Kerala Blasters' attacks haven't good enough in the last couple of minutes, looks like 2nd win coming for Gokulam Kerala in the Durand Cup 2023 and the win in the first ever Kerala Derby. 

90+2' Luna with a free-kick but it is over the bar. 

90' 7 minutes have been added, can Kerala Blasters found that elusive equalizer. 

90' A Gokulam player is being strechered off. 

89' Kerala Blasters committing men upfront but Gokulam Kerala keeping their men behind, we are only seeing Nili going on attack. 

86' Corner kick for Gokulam, but not many players up for it and Blasters clears it.

84' Another change for Gokulam Kerala, Shilton D'Silva coming on for Alex Sanchez, he scored the 3rd goal for Gokulam. 

83' Gokulam runs on a counter and a Gokulam player takes the shot outside the box, but it is over the bar. 

81' Yes, Pritam is out, Shaheef has come in. 

81' Substitution for Gokulam, they are looking to secure the 1 goal lead they have. 

80' Pritam Kotal is down on the ground, stretcher has been brought in. Looks like he won't be able to take part in this match anymore.

79' Commentators on air says it was Adrian Luna who scored the goal. 

77' Goallll!!!! Kerala Blasters now have 3. Hormipam has scored. Aimen released Bidya and lovely play between the two inside the box and Hormipam pounced on a loose ball.

75' Bidyasagar Singh had a brilliant chance to score. KP with a brilliant ball and Bidya takes a couple of touches and he just needed to beat the goalkeeper, but he blasted it over the bar. That's easy one gone.

75' Gokulam Kerala players once again sitting deep. 

73' We are back underway.

72' Mohammad Azhar has got a yellow card for a challenge on Alex Sanchez. Crowds chant Prabir, the local boy. Drinks Break!! 

71' Rahul KP with a cross but is cleared out, Luna then takes a shot way out but it hits the Gokulam player, no change in scoreline. 

68' Double change for Kerala Blasters again. Justine is out and it is Bidyasagar Singh who is in. 

68' Gokulam keeper wasting some time there already. 

66' Luna goes for the goal and it's one bounce and goalkeeper holds the ball. 

65' Justine has been great for Blasters in the last couple of minutes, he wins a free kick, can Luna delivery one of those brilliant balls again. 

63' Justine Emmanuel with a brilliant right footed shot curling towards the goal, but it's off target. 

59' Kerala Blasters also with double change, Rahul KP and Ruivah Hormipam are in for Nihal and Bijoy. 

59' Double change for Gokulam Kerala. 

58' Aimen again showing some skills on the left-side but he runs out of ground. 

57' Confirm, it was Mohammad Aimen with the brilliant trickery leading upto the Prabir Das goal and Kerala Blasters have since then dominating the match. 

55' Prabir Das scoring at the Mohun Bagan ground, this couldn't have been much more poetic for the local lad. 

54' Goalllll!!! Local lad Prabir Das with the goal. Kerala Blasters now has 2. Some brilliant skills on the left side by a Kerala Blasters player and who delivers a cross and Prabir on the other side scores for the Blasters.

53' Another attack from Gokulam, but the shot is over the bar. Blasters are struggling here against the I-League Gokulam Kerala.

52' Gokulam goes on the break from a Kerala Blasters attack but they are prevented entry into the box. A back pass and Sreekuttan with a curling effort but Suresh gathers it. 

50' A Gokulam player is down but Kerala Blasters continues the attack, but Nihal fails to beat Bouba Aminou. 

49' Gokulam being too difficult for Kerala Blasters here. 

47' Goalllll!!!! Gokulam 4-1 now. What a start for the Gokulam Kerala and Abhijit K pulls out rocket of a shot and Sachin Suresh had nothing to do.

Half-Time!! Gokulam Kerala have certainly shocked Kerala Blasters here. Bouba scored the first goal for Gokulam but Justine equalized for Kerala Blasters, but then goals from Sreekuttan and Alex Sanchez Lopez made it 3-1 in favour of the I-League over the Indian Super League side. Do tune in for the 2nd half.

45+5' Gokulam Kerala player Bouba Aminou is down, he is holding his head, physios are checking. He is back up and looks ok.

45+3' Nili breaks through the defence and takes a shot that is wide. 

45+1' Goallllll!!! Gokulam Kerala now 3 goals. Through ball and Lopez duels with a Kerala Blasters player and he gets underneath the on rushing Sachin Suresh and Gokulam now leads 3-1 just before the half-time.

45' 4 minutes added on. 

45' Yellow Card to Kerala Blasters captain Adrian Luna for his foul while trying to stop a counter attack from Gokulam Kerala. 

43' Goallll!!!! Gokulam leads again. Sreekuttan with the goal. 3 players lead the attack for Gokulam and Lopez with a brilliant chip cross that Sreekuttan heads in and Gokulam leads again.

42' Luna with a brilliant through ball and Justine's shot is weak and a easy gather for the keeper. 

41' Gokulam tries to go on the attack from the right side but is intercepted. 

39' Luna with a brilliant corner kick but the Kerala Blasters player fails to keep it on target. 

38' Prabir Das with a tasty cross and the Gokulam player just heads it out for a corner kick.

35' Goallll!!! Luna goes for the goal from the free-kick but the keeper puts in for on rushing Blasters player who failed to score but then a lot of scrappy play and it is Justine Emmanuel who has scored for the Blasters. 

34' Foul on Kerala Blasters captain Adrian Luna. Free kick from a good spot for the Blasters. 

32' Gokulam's Sanchez was on the break behind defence but Kerala Blasters keeper Sachin comes out running and clears. It could have been a one on one between Sanchez and Sachin.

31' Nili once again tries to find Bouba there, but Kerala Blasters gets it out of threat.

30' Gokulam gets a corner kick and the referee calls for Drink Break!! Corner will be taken after that. 

28' Justine with the brilliant run behind the Gokulam captain Bouba and he squares it to captain Luna, who couldn't connect it well. That was the chance for Kerala Blasters.

25' Some scrappy play from both the sides there leads to Gokulam corner kick. Nili again with the kick, but the defender intercept, Nili gets another chance to whip it in but goalkeeper Sachin was up for it.

24' A low ball from the right side is driven in by Nihal, but the defender intercept and it's out for corner. Luna takes a perfect corner and Justine had the opportunity to equalize for Kerala Blasters, but his header is over the bar. 

22' Adrian Luna with a free-kick looking for Pritam Kotal, whose header is pretty wide. He is very much aware of playing at the ground for the Mohun Bagan team.

21' Kerala Blasters continues to try a defence splitting pass, but Gokulam Kerala not giving that space or opportunity to them.

19' Does Kerala Blasters have the answer to Gokulam Kerala's goal, only time will tell.

17' Goallll!!!! Gokulam Kerala takes the lead. Brilliant corner taken by Nili and it's Gokulam's captain Bouba Aminou, the big man with the header and Gokulam Kerala leads.

17' Ohh, Basit with a brilliant shot from outside the box, but the goalkeeper has tipped it over the goal. It's corner kick.

16' We are seeing some Mohun Bagan fans also have turned up for the match, wearing the green and maroon jersey. Obviously this match is being played at their own home ground but not involving their team though.

15' Another Gokulam player is down with a challenge from Blasters player. 

14' Both the teams looking to pull out the defence splitting pass, but none has been successful in doing so. 

12' Ohh' that's a nasty clash between the two Gokulam players as captain Bouba is down on the ground. He is back up now after physios check him.

12' Yet both the teams just looking to gain the momentum. 

9' Neither team have had the effective moment yet as the play continues in midfield. 

7' Free kick for Gokulam, Nili with the kick and tries to find a Gokulam player in the box but it is cleared away by the Blasters.

5' Blasters captain Adrian Luna with a brilliant through ball looking for Nihal, but the Gokulam keeper was alert. 

4' A long ball looking for Justine but he is body shielded by the Gokulam defender and goalkeeper gathers the ball. 

3' Both the teams currently looking to settle down. 

2' Remember, Kerala Blasters coach Ivan Vukomanovic is serving that ban for leading a walk out vs Bengaluru FC. 

1' Kick-Off!!!!!! 

It's a neutral venue so not much crowd as expected, but there is still some good number of crowd. 

Hope you all had a great time during our live coverage of the Kolkata Derby that saw East Bengal finally managed to beat their rivals in their 9th attempt at beating Mohun Bagan.

Hello and welcome everyone to the Kerala Derby between the Kerala Blasters and Gokulam Kerala in the Durand Cup 2023. 

Gokulam Kerala Starting XI

Here's how the other half of the Kerala Derby, the Gokulam Kerala lines-up for this big match after their win in the first match vs Indian Air Force.

Kerala Blasters Starting XI

Right, the first ever Starting XI is in for the Kerala Blasters for the Kerala Derby vs Gokulam Kerala. Justine, Pritam and Prabir Das are the major highlights on the team sheet for the yellow army who are wearing a special jersey for the Durand Cup 2023.

Timing of Kerala Derby Gokulam Kerala vs Kerala Blasters Durand Cup 2023

The Kerala Derby between the Kerala Blasters and the Gokulam Kerala will be played from 2:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST) and will be played at the Mohun Bagan Ground in Kolkata.

Kerala Blasters vs Gokulam Kerala Kerala Derby Durand Cup 2023 Live TV channel telecast and Live Streaming

The Kerala Derby between the Gokulam Kerala FC and the Kerala Blasters FC will be a beginning of a new history. The Kerala Derby will be on Sony Sports 5 TV channel while the match will be live streaming on Sony LIV app.

Kerala Derby 2023

After last night's brilliant Kolkata Derby between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, it's now time for another Derby time as Kerala Blasters and Gokulam Kerala FC are set to square off in the Durand Cup 2023.

Both the Kerala Blasters and Gokulam Kerala are in the group C of the Durand Cup alongwith Bengaluru FC and Indian Air Force.

Gokulam Kerala defeated Indian Air Force in their first match of the group while Kerala Blasters FC is starting their Durand Cup 2023 campaign today against their local team Gokulam Kerala.

Both the sides takes part in two different national leagues as Kerala Blasters FC plays in the Indian Super League (ISL) and the Gokulam Kerala plays in the 2nd tier of the Indian football, the I-League.

This is a beginning of a new history as both the teams have never been part of a competitive match before. The Kerala Derby hopefully will be another Kolkata Derby esque rivalry in the near future.

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